Abbeyfield in Canada

“One day the garden seems too large, the snow too heavy, the staircase too steep, driving is confusing and preparing dinner too much effort. What happens then?”
Michele Green

In the Hills”

Abbeyfield Canada, like its parent organization based in the United Kingdom, is a registered charitable organization. Our mission is to provide affordable housing for seniors, celebrating and appreciating seniors, and supporting them in an environment where they will not feel lonely.

As the national umbrella organization, Abbeyfield Canada guides, supports and promotes local community-based and volunteer-led Abbeyfield Societies to develop and manage local Abbeyfield Houses for seniors. One of the most inspiring aspects of the Abbeyfield model is how members of a community willingly and enthusiastically come together to do something wonderful and positive for seniors. These volunteers come from all walks of life, but they are united in their desire to ensure that seniors in their community have a housing alternative that suits their needs and their budget.

Each Abbeyfield House is an incorporated not-for-profit entity – its own “society” — formed by the group of volunteers that initiate, support and guide the operations of the Abbeyfield House through a volunteer board of directors. All Houses are affiliated with Abbeyfield Canada and are bound by its policies and guidelines. While every House benefits from the resources and shared experiences of the organization as a whole, in all other aspects each local society is autonomous.

There are 21 Abbeyfield Houses currently operating in Canada, from Vancouver and the Gulf Islands to the nation’s capital, Ottawa. The first Abbeyfield House was established in Sidney, British Columbia in 1987. Today we have twelve Abbeyfield Houses in British Columbia alone, as well as Houses in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Together, they are home to about 350 residents.

Let’s take a peek inside.