Inside Abbeyfield

“As a nurse, I fell in love with the idea of Abbeyfield. It’s inspiring! Seeing how the residents enjoy their meals and how they take care of one another makes me happy. Abbeyfield also provides peace of mind for the residents’ families, who can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are well taken care of and enjoying life to the full.”

An Abbeyfield House Volunteer

Just as Abbeyfield is a unique housing concept for seniors, every Abbeyfield House is unique. Some are quaint or stately Victorian heritage homes, while others are new and purpose-built structures. What all Abbeyfield Houses have in common is their adherence to the Abbeyfield model. Depending on its size, an Abbeyfield House generally accommodates between 10 and 15 residents at most. This helps to maintain the cohesive and family-like atmosphere.

Each House has its own salaried House manager who prepares and serves the main meal each day, looks after the House, and provides general support for the residents. He or she in turn is supported by a team of caring, compassionate and enthusiastic local volunteers. Privacy and independence are preserved, while the gently supportive domestic atmosphere provides companionship and freedom from worries and chores.

Residents must furnish and maintain their own private bed-sitting rooms. They do their own laundry and take care of their personal and health needs. While some Houses can accommodate couples, most residents tend to be on their own. The common areas of the home are shared and enjoyed by all. Due to the relatively small number of residents in each House, friendships are more easily formed. The residents are encouraged to maintain ties with their families as well, and to continue to engage with the community at large. With volunteers coming in regularly to socialize and a variety of events and activities on offer, Abbeyfield seniors are able to enjoy a varied and well-rounded lifestyle.

Occupancy fees vary from House to House, depending on the mortgage and the cost of upkeep. However, that figure is kept relatively low when compared to private sector senior housing, thanks in large part to the extraordinary volunteers in each community who believe in the Abbeyfield concept and who are dedicated to ensuring that seniors live quality lives. Their contribution is immeasurable, but their commitment makes every Abbeyfield home a success story, founded on care and compassion and infused with a joy for life.