Supporting Our Seniors Matters!

“Addressing the needs of the expected surge in the number of older Canadians, in all cities and communities across the country, will require a clear understanding of the diversity and dynamism of this population, and must be based on smart, targeted and innovative interventions.”

As our country, our provinces and our municipalities grapple with how to address affordable housing for seniors – and how to even pay for new programs and initiatives – there is a community-based option that satisfies the needs of older individuals while it addresses the bigger picture – Abbeyfield.

Abbeyfield is an inspiring idea. We are excited about our future at Abbeyfield Canada because we know that Abbeyfield has the potential to offer Canadian communities and Canadian seniors a new way of envisioning senior living. As more Canadians have an opportunity to learn about Abbeyfield, they will embrace the concept and want to establish an Abbeyfield for their community.

Inspired by this potential, and with the adequate financial resources, we intend to enhance services and support to existing and new Houses in their efforts to provide affordable and life-enhancing housing for seniors in their communities, build and strengthen staff and volunteer capacity, launch a volunteer recognition program, develop strategic partnerships, and generally expand the Abbeyfield Community in Canada.

Expanding the Abbeyfield Community in Canada means effectively raising our profile. We have been Canada’s best-kept secret for far too long. We will reach out to communities proactively. By hosting twenty regional workshops across Canada, we can bring together community leaders, public officials, health and seniors organizations, and communities of interest and explain the Abbeyfield model of human-scale, community-based housing. We know that the Abbeyfield concept will inspire support – but more Canadians have to know about Abbeyfield!

An Abbeyfield starter kit will promote community conversations and include the information needed to start an Abbeyfield. Our free, online Community Tool Box will encourage communities to access the resources they will require to facilitate the development of Abbeyfield Houses. This accessible instructional material and leadership coaching will make it easier for communities to organize, facilitate partnerships, and take the necessary action to build an Abbeyfield.

Our Abbeyfield Legacy Fund will make all of these initiatives — and so many more — possible. Abbeyfield has a respected history of successfully housing and supporting seniors around the world, and with your help that promise can be extended to more Canadian seniors, because everyone deserves decent housing, shelter and a sense of place. Retiring to an Abbeyfield House can make a world of difference to the health and wellbeing of isolated seniors, while offering peace of mind to their families.

We all age, and one day that person seeking comfortable and congenial retirement living may be one of us. We do not know what our future holds, but if we know that there are Abbeyfield homes in our communities, that future seems a little brighter and far less lonely.

We invite you to be inspired with us! Please, join the Abbeyfield Canada movement and support this unique, life-affirming vision for Canadian seniors with a contribution to The Abbeyfield Legacy Fund.