The Abbeyfield Way

“I believe I have found my utopia here at Abbeyfield.”

An Abbeyfield Resident

For independent seniors who do not require medical care or assistance but who no longer wish to live on their own, an Abbeyfield House is an affordable and life-enhancing alternative. The Abbeyfield concept is as simple as it is unique: create a warm, family-style, volunteer-run and community-based House that offers seniors an easy-going balance between privacy and companionship, security and independence.

This game-changing idea was conceived in the 1950s by retired British officer Major Richard Carr-Gomm. He founded Abbeyfield as a charity, with the object of addressing the housing shortage as well as the isolation that he observed as so prevalent among older adults. His first Abbeyfield House was established in London’s East End in 1956.

Today, some sixty years later, this caring and people-oriented model has provided an inspiring vision for senior wellbeing. It is the impetus for literally hundreds of Abbeyfield Houses in six countries around the world. All Abbeyfield Houses share the same core values, based on the understanding that older adults need companionship, that they often require practical support in their daily lives, and that they continue to play an important role in the lives of their families, friends and communities. An Abbeyfield House offers seniors a safe, decent and affordable alternative for aging well within the community and in a non-institutional setting. Abbeyfield is a proven success, a community-based housing alternative that enables healthy seniors to live independently and in place — happily and safely.