Abbeyfield Toronto – Lakeside House

Abbeyfield Toronto House, also known as “Lakeside House”, is located on a quiet, tree-lined residential street, steps from a spectacular view of Lake Ontario, and a short walk from frequent transit service.

The staff at Abbeyfield House Toronto provide a secure, caring and supportive environment for residents. They also provide nutritious meals (lunch and dinner) and residents of our house dine together, and have the opportunity for companionship with others living in our home. Today, Abbeyfield Toronto House can accommodate up to ten residents in private suites and residents can bring their own furnishings to create unique, and familiar spaces.

Abbeyfield Toronto House is a not-for-profit residence, and we receive a subsidy from the City of Toronto.


Live-in House Coordinator
Totally accessible, with an elevator, ramps, railings and grab bars
Furnished common rooms, including sitting room and dining room
Two meals served daily, lunch and dinner
Self-serve breakfast
Resident laundry facilities
On-street parking for residents and visitors
Smoke-free environment
Shared three-piece bathroom with one other resident
Access to an extensive garden and patio

House Location


38 Lakeside Avenue,
Ontario M1N 3C1,


Grocery stores
Scarborough Bluffs Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Abbeyfield Houses have the atmosphere of a normal, single-family home because they have only five to ten residents and are usually located in residential neighbourhoods. You would have the privacy, dignity and freedom needed to continue leading a normal life, but you would also be in a more secure environment, with the companionship of others.
If you are over the age of 65, reasonably healthy and are uncertain about the appropriateness of your current housing, you may consider applying.
The monthly rates for a suite at Abbeyfield Toronto does not exceed $1,700.00, which includes suite rental, two prepared meals daily and use of laundry facilities. Residents are responsible for telephone, and cable services.
Yes, Abbeyfield Toronto House is prepared to accommodate a couple if the couple is prepared to share one of our standard rooms. An additional charge will apply per couple, per month.
There are usually no rules or regulations other than those of normal household courtesy. You will be totally free to do as you choose, and come and go as you wish. Abbeyfield will be your home.
You will need to furnish your own room. If you require furniture Abbeyfield Toronto may be able to help you acquire suitable furnishings.
No. Each occupant is usually responsible for his or her own room and laundry, but cleaning equipment and laundry facilities are available. If you need help, you may wish to employ domestic help at your own expense.
A small caged bird or a goldfish possibly, but dogs or cats are not permitted for the comfort of other residents.
Lunch and dinner are prepared daily and a self-service breakfast is available for residents.
Yes. You can communicate with the Cook/House Coordinator to express your preferences however we are unable to provide a special diet that only meets your needs.
If you enjoy r gardening (or any other activities or hobbies), you have the opportunity to engage in them. Let the House Co-ordinator know what you would like to do. We currently do not allow residents to cook.
As in any family household, minor ailments are dealt with at the House. If you are hospitalized, it is taken for granted that you will return to Abbeyfield — provided that is the wisest thing for you to do.
While Abbeyfield Houses do not provide nursing care, a visiting nurse may be able to address your needs. If you can no longer look after yourself in your own room, other arrangements may have to be made with the help of your designated relative, friend or advisor.
Yes. Abbeyfield Toronto House sometimes has a guest room available that will allow you to try out the lifestyle before you move in. Abbeyfield encourages applicants to keep their former housing arrangements until they feel settled.
Yes. Let the House-Coordinator know in advance. Often, another place can easily be added to the table and we sometimes have a guest room that can accommodate overnight guests.