As we age, our housing needs change, and for many seniors these changes can pose serious challenges. Increased isolation is common among older people, but so too is the issue of affordability. Many seniors find themselves hard-pressed to cover the cost of private retirement homes. Faced with the growing realities of an aging boomer population, governments, agencies and communities are now realizing that adequate and affordable housing shortage for seniors is a possibility, and that alternatives must be sought.

Abbeyfield is a worldwide brand, and has become synonymous with affordable, respectful and dignified living for seniors in small, friendly, home-like settings that offer companionship, security and independence.

In order to bring the Abbeyfield housing model to as many communities as possible, we have established The Abbeyfield Canada Legacy Fund, an endowment fund that would help to sustain and support Abbeyfield’s growth in Canada.
This endowment fund will enable us to
(1) raise awareness of the Abbeyfield model,
(2) help to support our existing houses in Canada, and
(3) develop more houses for more Canadian communities.

Abbeyfield Canada’s goal is to raise $5 million over the next five years in order to establish this critical endowment fund, and your financial support for our visionary plan will be integral to its success.

Ensuring that senior Canadians regardless of income or location live safe, secure lives in decent and suitable surroundings that support wellbeing is both a responsibility and a dream that we should all share. Additionally, we need to acknowledge that the need for alternative, affordable senior housing in Canada is only going to increase over time. This is a pivotal moment in the Abbeyfield Canada story, because we have a timely opportunity to make a difference for countless Canadian seniors.

Let’s act now.

Ways to Donate to the Abbeyfield Legacy Fund


Make cheque payable to “Ottawa Community Foundation” and note “Abbeyfield Canada Legacy Fund” on the memo line

Mail to:

Ottawa Community Foundations

75 Albert St. Suite 301, Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7



Go to the online donation page for  Abbeyfield Canada Legacy Fund and complete the online donation form.

Note: tax receipt is emailed to donor immediately, at the email address noted on the donation form.



  1. Use the information in the attached to make the donation
  2. Email  [email protected] the day the donation is initiated with the following information:
  3. Donation amount
  4. Donor name, and mailing address
  5. The name of the Fund: Abbeyfield Canada Legacy Fund

(this ensures we can map the donation to the right donor for tax receipting and also to the right fund)