By making a donation, this provides us the ability to keep our non-profit organization going. Every small contribution goes a long way! The following is how your contributions are helping:

– Raise awareness about the Abbeyfield concept to all Canadian Seniors.
– Connecting the houses to one another and the residents within.
– Provide up-to-date administration/management for the safe abd efficient use of the house.
– Connect communities interested in joining an Abbeyfield.

(For ways to contribute, please read our Donation Options Below) 


We happily accept donations through CanadaHelps. Every donation made betters our homes and seniors!


We’re happy to accept donation by cheque. Please make it payable to “Abbeyfield Houses Society of Canada” and mail it to the following address…

211 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON.
K1H 6H5

Remembering Loved ones

Making a donation in memory can be a wonderful way to celebrate or commemorate the life of a loved one. Many of the In Memorium donations we recieve are sent as a ‘Thank You'[ to Abbeyfield from families and friends of our residents. You can also make any special donations to the Abbeyfield House of your choice. It’s your donation, your choice, so you let us know.


The Legacy Fund provides the support to our existing houses, raises awareness for our unique Abbeyfield brand, and develop more Houses across Canada.

We are asking for your support in the Legacy Fund.


A gift of property, also called a “gift-in-kind,” refers to donations of such tangible assets as real estate, special collections, cultural property and works of art. 

A gift of property may be kept and used by Abbeyfield Canada or it may be sold. The donation receipt is issued for the fair market value of the donated property as determined by appraisal.

Please not that these gifts require Abbeyfield Canada approval in advance of acceptance


A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a deferred giving arrangement under which you would transfer property (Cash, Appreciated Securities, or Real Estate) to a trustee. You (and/or other beneficiaries) would retain the right to the income from the trust either for life or a specified terms of years. 

Donors who establish a CRT will recieve a generous donation receipt today for the present value of their gift (the “Charitable Remainder”) which the foundation will receive when the trust terminates.