2020-21 Abbeyfield Houses Society of Ottawa Board of Directors

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President: Jeff Peters [email protected]

Vice President and Director of Residency: Ruth Gray-Beauchamp vicepresident@abbeyfieldottawa.ca

Treasurer: Daniel Creighton [email protected]

Secretary and Director of IMIT: Sandra Peters [email protected]

Abbeyfield Canada Liaison (Director at Large): Jim Galloway [email protected]

Director of Marketing & Communications: Kimberly Thomas [email protected]

Director of Human Resources: Naz Namazi [email protected] 

Director of Volunteer Coordination: Mysa Saad [email protected]

Legal Director: VACANT [email protected]

Director of Property Management: Andrew Gamble [email protected]

Director of Grants & Fundraising: Abhisheik Dhawan [email protected]


Posted September 30, 2020

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