Abbeyfield House Society of
St. Paul’s Golden

GOLDEN, BRitish columbia

Abbeyfield House Society of 
St. Paul’s Golden


915 9th Street
Box 2258
Golden, BC
V0A 1H0
(250) 344-7997

A History of St. Paul’s Golden

The Silver Springs Senior Housing Society was started in the fall of 1992, achieved non-profit status in February of 1993 and charitable status in June 1993. It was started to provide independence, housing and meals to healthy, elderly seniors who have difficulty taking care of their own meals. In 1993, this group of seniors would leave their own homes and move to Purcell Apartments (fully self-contained senior’s apartments) and then move to Durand Manor when shopping and meal preparation became too much to do well.

In 1998, Durand Manor was no longer an option, as only long-term care patients were accepted. As Golden could no longer provide for this healthy group of elderly seniors, they had to move away from the community to find suitable housing.

On recommendations from BC Housing and CMHC, we got involved with Abbeyfield Houses. We joined in February 1993 and renamed our House and Society to Abbeyfield House of Golden (Society).

In May 1994, we entered into discussions with St. Paul’s Anglican Church of Golden, in regards to four building lots that might be made available to use for construction of our Abbeyfield House. About this time, Golden fell into financial trouble with closure of Evans Donald (Lumber company), and the community had difficult times. The project progressed slowly, but we carried on, and finished the building plans and waited for better times ahead. With changes in products at Evans, plus the purchase of the Whitetooth Ski Area, and construction of the destination four season Golden Peaks Resort, Golden was better able to take on this necessary project for our elderly seniors.

In the fall of 1997, St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the Abbeyfield Society were able to renew discussion and join forces with the sole purpose of the construction of the new Abbeyfield House, under the newly renamed Abbeyfield House Society St. Paul’s Golden. The Church provided the use of the required land to construct the project under a fifty (50) year lease.

Abbeyfield House Society St. Paul’s Golden opened its doors to the new residents in 2000. It had been operating for the past two decades with the staff of a House Coordinator, and relief cooks. In 2021 this position was changed to Head Cook, with Relief Cook.

Abbeyfield House Society St. Paul’s Golden has been run by a dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers over the past 22 years. There is a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director positions. Volunteers who are not Board members have also played a very valuable role especially our gardener volunteer who has continued to maintain the heritage Rose garden, our Maintenance supervisor, Social Director, and many others who have kept the House running smoothly.