Senior Independent Living in Victoria, BC Vacancy available for the Independent Senior who is looking for […]
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House Coordinator Reporting to the Board of Directors, the candidate will manage all aspects of House […]
Abbeyfield Canada has sent our sincere condolences to the Abbeyfield patron of 43 years His Majesty […]
Marlene was given the Abbeyfield Champion award by Alberni Valley Society board president Dave Cowan on […]
Molly Cowie, of the Houses Society of Prince Albert is presented with the 2022 Lifetime Volunteering […]
Margaret Naylor received the 2022 Robert McMullan Award for Lifetime Volunteering Excellence from Abbeyfield Houses of […]
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International Abbeyfield Week June 1 to June 12 #AbbeyfieldWeek Abbeyfield House residents, staff and volunteers in […]
lakefield walk a thon 2021
Abbeyfield House Society of Lakefield The Abbeyfield House Society of Lakefield began in 2017 as a […]