News Release – December 20, 2023

Office of the President

Abbeyfield Canada Wishes Housing to Continue in Kelowna

Abbeyfield Canada recognizes that the decision to sell the property of the Kelowna House is very unsettling for the residents and staff of Orchard City.

“Abbeyfield Houses exists to ensure that older adult who are alone and lonely can continue to live an independent life in an affordable and supportive environment” stated Joe McReynolds, President of Abbeyfield Canada.

“We are reaching out to the Board of the Kelowna House to understand the next steps in the sale process and ensure the current residents are accommodated with the least possible disruption. And we want to let the residents of Kelowna that we want Abbeyfield Services to continue in their community”.

Running an Abbeyfield House that provides an affordable level of supportive living requires a major volunteer effort. Because of increasing operating costs especially related to the age of the current building and the difficulty all charitable groups are having with volunteer recruitment, the Kelowna Board made a decision to suspend the operation of Orchard City. It is the desire of Abbeyfield Canada that an Abbeyfield House exists in Kelowna and we appeal to the community of Kelowna for help so that our supportive living model of living for older adults continue.

Abbeyfield Canada has 19 houses in Canada. Additionally, in several locations, community groups are working to develop houses. Abbeyfield Houses are small by design – 10 to 15 individuals living an independent life together at an affordable rate. Affordability, companionship and independence are our objectives.

For further information or if you are interested in helping continue Abbeyfield services in Kelowna, contact Joe McReynolds at [email protected].


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