The Abbeyfield Ontario Chapter was incorporated as a non profit organization in August 2023.


  • To advocate for the Abbeyfield model of small affordable congregate living arrangements for older persons in Ontario
  • To support Abbeyfield Homes in Ontario by
    • Sharing information, friendship, and opportunities
    • Development and maintenance of programs and services to assist local societies in their operation.
    • To assist new community groups in the development of homes based on the Abbeyfield model.
  • To support the workings of Abbeyfield Canada

Contact [email protected]  to learn more about volunteering or creating partners

The existing Abbeyfield Ontario homes began to meet virtually over three years ago to exchange information and support each other. After a few meetings, it was decided to adopt terms of reference and become an Ontario Chapter of Abbeyfield Canada. (The Homes in British Columbia have had a BC Chapter for several years.) The Chapter was seen as a means of communication amongst the homes, sharing of information, and identification of opportunities. Over the years, homes in developmental stages have joined the conversation. It has become increasingly evident that a greater understanding of the existence and benefits of the Abbeyfield model was needed among the Ontario public and community leaders. To further access to grants and funding, especially those that are Ontario-based, a legal version of Abbeyfield Ontario was organized.

For more information contact

Abbeyfield Ontario Chapter at

211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa ON, K1R 6H5




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