Abbeyfield Canada is exceedingly grateful for the generosity of Ottawa house resident Margaret Saumweber. Some years ago, Margaret lost her husband Louis, who held two lots on the Lake of north of Gatineau, in Quebec. Margaret and Louis had no children. When contemplating estate issues Margaret, who very happily called Abbeyfield Ottawa home, concluded her relatives were in comfortable financial situations and did not need further funds. She decided to sell the properties left to her and donate a portion of the properties to the Abbeyfield Canada Legacy Fund, where the annual income from this bequest could help future generations of seniors find an Abbeyfield home. In making the decision, Margaret had in mind a gift of in memory of Louis and was also promoted to do something for others by the memory of her sister’s selfless social work in South Africa. Margaret hopes that her decision will inspire others in similar situations to hers to do support the Abbeyfield Canada Legacy

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