It is with great delight that Abbeyfield International and Canada awards the Royal Patron’s Award 2021 to Mr. James Galloway.

Jim has been a huge supporter of societies’ boards across Canada by sharing information and experience which in turn benefit the houses, staff and residents.  He has an ability to connect with people: after conversations with Jim, everyone is left with the feeling that challenges are surmountable, you are never alone and anything is possible.  As President of Abbeyfield Canada, Jim worked tirelessly crossing our country, visiting with houses and residents. He was (and is), genuinely interested in each House and on those occasions when he was asked to assist with a problem there was no hesitation on his part.  His problem solving skills were excellent and he gave each House his undivided attention. He always had time to talk to the people at Abbeyfield and solidified longlasting goodwill between the national office and the individual homes with his encouragement and wisdom.  When he wasn’t travelling across Canada, one could expect a check-in phone call or a kind note in the mail uplifting spirits – Jim continues these thoughtful connections to this day and all our residents benefit from knowing the staff, the houses and the national office care for their wellbeing.




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